What forms of payment do you accept?2018-05-16T16:52:09+00:00

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Pay Pal and wire transfer. Please contact support@domainadvisors.com with specific concerns.

What commission do you charge?2018-05-16T16:51:13+00:00

We charge a 15% commission on all domain sales and work diligently to sell your domains for top dollar.

How are domain names transferred to a buyer after a sale?2018-05-16T16:49:16+00:00

We are proud to offer procurement through Escrow.com. Upon completion of the listing, the buyer and seller will receive notice to supply necessary information to Escrow.com. Transactions typically conclude within a matter of days and is the preferred and most trusted way to buy and sell domains.

How do you help protect my privacy?2018-05-16T16:47:40+00:00

We take privacy very seriously. Please view our Privacy Policy to learn what we do to keep you safe.

May I Make an Offer on a BIN listing?2018-05-16T16:46:00+00:00

Yes, if the seller has elected to allow offers. Simply place your offer in the field provided and the seller will be notified if the offer exceeds the seller’s floor price. Please be aware that an offer on a Buy Now (BIN) listing is binding for 7 days.

What is BIN?2018-05-16T16:44:48+00:00

BIN stands for Buy It Now. It is a great option for sellers with a specific price in mind. Set a BIN price for any listing, resulting in a sale to the buyer who purchases the name for the BIN price. BIN offers are binding and will immediately move to procurement.